The Role of our Court

The Court plays a crucial role in our society and economy.  Parliament makes laws; the Executive Government implements the law; and the Courts interpret and enforce the law.

In the United States, the US Supreme Court has recently ruled on health insurance; affirmed same-sex marriage; ruled against death row inmates in a case on lethal injection; blocked an environmental regulation meant to limit emissions; allowed Texas to reject specialty license plates bearing the Confederate battle flag; ruled in favour of a Muslim inmate in an Arkansas prison who wanted to grow a beard; and an Arizona church that challenged a town ordinance limiting the size of signs announcing services.

The High Court of Australia regularly hears cases of important principle, often making significant decisions expanding or changing rights or the effect of laws passed by Parliament.

Closer to home, the NT Supreme Court has recently ruled on environmental matters, reviewed government administrative action and the interpretation of compensation legislation, resulting in significant outcomes.

In interpreting and applying the law, our independent Judiciary plays an important role in strengthening and making our community more secure and productive.