The (NT) Work Health and Safety (National Uniform Legislation) Act introduced its first manslaughter laws in February 2020. The NT legislation was broadly based on the Queensland industrial manslaughter laws. Our case update summarises this Qld decision more
The (NT) Tenancies Legislation Amendment Act (TLAA) has commenced and the Minister will issue “Modification Notices” (MN) that will prevail wherever the matters in the MN are inconsistent with the (NT) Residential Tenancies Act (RTA) and leases more
The (NT) Tenancies Legislation Amendment Act (TLAA) has commenced and the Minister will issue “Modification Notices” that will prevail wherever the matters in the MN are inconsistent with the (NT) Business Tenancies (Fair Dealings) Act (BTFDA) and leases. more
In February 2020, George Roussos presented at Australian Institute of Health and Safety Darwin conference – “NT Industrial Manslaughter” – on the topic of the new Northern Territory Industrial manslaughter reforms: what directors and managers need to know and manage? more
On 18 Mar 20, the Northern Territory Minister for Health under s48 of the (NT) Public and Environmental Health Act declared “a public health emergency for the whole of the Territory arising out of the serious public health risk from Novel coronavirus (COVID-19)” more
On 15 May 2019, the Northern Territory Attorney-General introduced into the NT Parliament the Construction Contracts (Security of Payments) Legislation Amendment Bill 2019 (CCSP Bill) seeking to make improvements to the CCSPA. more
On 15 February 2019, the Northern Territory Work Health Court delivered reasons for decision finding in favour of an Employer in relation to the defence of ‘management action’ to a claim for psychological injury more
Litigation lawyers, and students of civil procedure, will find useful guidance in relation to ‘PD6’ in the recent decision of Northern Territory Supreme Court more
In November 2017, the Parliament of the Northern Territory of Australia (NT) passed the Independent Commissioner Against Corruption Act 2017 (ICAC Act); and the NT more
In February 2018 the second piece of legislation referred to in our previous Update, the Independent Commissioner Against Corruption (Consequential and Related more
In June 2017, the Chief Justice and Justices of the Supreme Court of the Northern Territory made amendments to the Northern Territory Supreme Court Rules effecting more
In May 2017, the Chief Judge and the Judges of the Local Court made amendments to the Local Court (Civil Jurisdiction) Rules effecting important procedural changes more
Infographic showing the Mediation process in the NT more
This Fair Work Commission case was an application for an order to stop bullying under of the Fair Work Act. The case highlights the importance of the following more
A flow chart setting out the claims process in 2016 under the Northern Territory Return to Work Act more
A discussion of the weekly amount paid to claimants after the first 26 weeks of incapacity. more
The Supreme Court of the Northern Territory considered the express terms of a lease that allowed a local government landlord to take into account its own more
Mr Banks sustained a lower back injury and, later, he developed a consequential, and secondary, psychological medical condition’ more
Is the Minister required to carry out a merits review of the decision of the Controller of Water Resources? more
Submission by George Roussos, Roussos Legal Advisory Consultation on Kahlin Compound and Old Hospital. In relation to the Old Darwin Hospital Site and Flagstaff more
The Northern Territory scheme is currently being reviewed. Submissions can be made by visiting more
There continues to be a growing level of interest in the TL market. TL has a stable government and there is an existing Australian presence including from the Jape more
In June 2013, the Northern Territory Department of Attorney-General and Justice released an Issues Paper, seeking views on possible amendments to the Small Claims more
When, pending the conclusion of a Court case, an order is made for interim weekly compensation, the Work Health Court often limits the award of weekly compensation more
Businesses receive and bank payments from clients and customers on a daily basis. Most businesses would not think twice about the risk of a future claim for more
Usually, unlike the case of injury (where all that a worker needs to do is show that it happened), a claimant for compensation needs to show employment materially more
Recently, an issue arose as to whether someone working for an Australian / Northern Territory employer illegally per the Federal Migration Act could claim workers more
In what circumstances would an employer breach a policy of workers compensation insurance, entitling the insurer to avoid the policy? In June 2007, at Wollogorang more