timor leste

Businesses in Darwin and Dili are destined to continue to work together and become closer.  We are geographically close; we share similar climatic conditions and we each have expatriate communities.  It is obvious the Northern Territory has close association with Timor Leste and much goodwill is already present.

Darwin provides a sophisticated presence capable of providing a wide range of high quality goods and services.

Timor Leste has a stable government and there is an existing Australian presence including from the Jape Group, Airnorth, Deloitte and ANZ.   In the 2012 year, Australia’s exports to Timor lester were $26m, of which $19.4m came from the Territory.   The TL Petroleum Fund stands at $14 billion and the TL government continues to invest in infrastructure.

The links between business in the Northern Territory and in Timor Leste include, oil and gas exploration and production in the Timor Sea; tourism and education.

Many Northern Territory firms supply goods and services to Timor Leste, including  construction and building; utilities infrastructure such as power and water and sanitation; transport equipment and services; food and beverage services; banking, finance and insurance services; education services and materials; agricultural equipment and materials; fishing and marine service equipment and facilities; office supplies, equipment, computers, furniture; professional services including legal, accounting and engineering; business management and training.

Through our network of recognised legal service providers in Timor Leste, we can assist Territory businesses considering supplying goods and services to the Timor Leste market; and businesses already operating there.