in house counsel

Many businesses and enterprises would like to have someone on board who can provide in-house counsel type services.

Your business interests may be best and most economically advanced by engaging RLA as part time in-house counsel.  This is a service that provides the convenience, flexibility and cost savings that arise from dealing with someone who understands your business.  Combined with advice on broader business issues, RLA can provide legal advice that is easy to obtain and at a cost that can be predicted.

You can select the amount of service appropriate to the scale of your business, the industry you operate in and particular projects you are involved with.

Advice to you could include:

  • minimising disputes and troubleshooting issues
  • advising on health, safety and employment issues
  • assisting with the interpretation of contracts
  • advice on strategies to reduce risks of future disputes and litigation.

Advantages of utilising Roussos Legal Advisory as a part time in-house counsel:

  • legal support and accessibility to promote sound decision making
  • advice to you and your personnel when and where convenient
  • expensive problems are avoided by identifying “at risk” matters early and heading them off promptly
  • minimising costs associated with workers compensation, discrimination claims and unfair dismissals